White Glove Node Management Service

With our fully managed node service you’ll be up and running with your own Veritise node within 24 hours. Get all of the benefits and none of the hassle!

Benefits of running a node:

  • Receive 15% of all VTS staking rewards and transaction fees of each wallet account that votes for your node
  • Provide increased network capacity and decentralization to the Veritise blockchain strengthening the Veritise ecosystem
  • Expand the amount of voting slots available to the community so more people can earn rewards by activating staking on your node with their Veritise wallets
  • Earn respect as a valued member of the Veritise Community

What’s Included

Fully managed server in datacenter, node health monitoring, software updates, hardware maintenance, official Veritise Node Certification, choice of Public or Private Node, your own domain name pointed to your node, general support.

Pricing and Conditions

99 EUR per node per month, no setup fees, no long-term contracts, month-to-month only, automatic renewal of node subscription until canceled. Cancelation is easy by providing written notice of cancelation.  

Sign Up

Please provide your Telegram username so we can establish quick communication and provide support. Providing this information is optional but recommended.
Provide the VTS wallet address where you want to receive your VTS rewards. Don't use an exchange address. If you don't have a VTS wallet yet then download the desktop wallet here: https://vts.veritise.com/wallets
Choose Node Type(Required)
A public node enables anyone to activate staking on your node, thus increasing your chances of earning VTS rewards and transaction fees. A private node will allow you to be the only one that can activate staking on your node.
Your Node name will be visible publicly in the node list on the block explorer as well as in the wallet when people select from a list of nodes to activate staking.